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Research Assistant Opportunity at Delhi School of Economics


Research Role


December 29, 2021


About the Role

Prof. Ram Singh is looking for Research Assistants (one full time and one part-time) for his research on the relationship between wealth and income in India, and for another study on private funding and quality of infrastructure. Both are empirical studies. The selected candidates will be working as his RAs.

Duration of positions is six-months to one-year with the first month as probation period.



Emolument will be up to INR 40K for full time and 15-20K for part-time. The part-time assignment will require at least 20 hours work per-week.


  • Typical responsibilities include the following: Literature reviews; collection and analysis of data; maintaining accurate records of data collected; supervise interns working on the research project; Prepare progress reports for the PI and funding agency; Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations as required from time to time.

  • You would be expected to supports the project research by conducting moderately complex statistical analysis, writing software programs, and presentation of results.


Master's degree in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, or related field with emphasis on quantitative and/or analytical skills.


How to Apply

Send your Resume and Transcripts to

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