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This initiative is aimed at helping students preparing for economics entrance examinations in various institutes including ISI, DSE, IGIDR, JNU, SNU, MSE, GIPE, HCU and Central Universities throughout the country. Aspirants of NET/JRF in Economics may also take part.

All the registered aspirants will receive both reminder mail as well as mail with the link to appear for the test 3 minutes prior to the quiz time.


  1. The test is designed using google forms and it is pretty easy to answer.

  2. Registered candidates must check our website regularly to stay updated regarding the test.

  3. Test time will be announced in the website and also in the Telegram group.

  4. It will be a timed test, so be in time. If you are late, you will miss the test.

  5. The test will contain a total of 20 questions from various topics as mentioned below. 

  6. Duration of the test will be 40 minutes and 60 marks.

  7. There will not be any negative marking for incorrect answers.

  8. The questions will be divided into three sections: Section A (Easy) would contain 5 questions with 2 marks each, Section B (Medium) would contain 10 questions with 3 marks each and Section C (Hard) would contain  5 questions with 4 marks each.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Do not refer google to answer the test. This test is conducted in-order to make each one of you aware about where you stand. This can act as a helping hand for your upcoming entrance tests.

  2. Certificates will not be provided for econQUIZ 4, but we might consider it from next quizzes.

  3. The list of Top 10 scorers will be published in our website with other statistics of the conducted test. 


  1. The test will comprise questions from topics such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Indian Economy, International Economics, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, Development Economics, Public Economics and Financial Economics; +2 level Mathematics, Statistics and Probability.

  2. The questions will be based on previous year master's level entrances such as JNU, HCU, CU etc. It might also include questions from UGC NET.

  3. You may follow the undergraduate reference material according to Delhi University syllabus. 

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