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Welcome to the econToday Community! We are glad to have you here.

Aim of this community is to help members to discuss and post Economy related news daily. Our Goal is to promote constructive discussion within the community. We request you to adhere to the below mentioned rules of the group.

Rules of the Group

Ø Strictly NO Advertisement or Promotions.

Ø Strictly NO Religious Talks. Political Economy and politics pertaining to

Economics can be discussed here.

Ø Sharing relevant external links/news for initiating discussions are allowed.

Ø Always keep a mutual respect during discussions.

Ø Members can report bad behaviour and personal promotions by

personally messaging the admins using member chat facility in the site or

through their respective mail ids.

Violation of the above-mentioned rules will lead to warn//ban from the community.

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    Welcome to the Economy Today Community!

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