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Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Job Type:



Nov 18, 2023


  • Have some working knowledge of any mainstream video editing tools like premier pro, Sony Vegas etc.

  • Must have worked with canva. 

  • No professional knowledge required. You can always refer to youtube or self learn techniques on the process.

  • The candidate must be creative, have good design sense, and must have been following educational videos and its editing style. In addition, the candidate must also know how to design videos for social media.


  1. Creating contents for social media handles.

  2. Editing educational videos.

  3. Editing informative talks and podcasts.

Perks & Benefits

  • Huge learning opportunity with hands on projects.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Earning Potential.

Economiga is an equal opportunity organization. We encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply.We appreciate your interest in joining Economiga and look forward to reviewing your application. We will get in touch if you have been shortlisted for the role.

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