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CUET(PG) Economics
Crash Course 2023

Exclusively in English!


What we offer!


Your Tutors

Gargee Sarkar.png

Gargee Sarkar

Assistant Professor,

IPCW, Delhi University

Hari Kurup K K.png

Dr. Hari Kurup K K

Retd. Professor,


Nithin M.png

Nithin M

PhD. Economics,

IIT Khgaragpur


Ritik Goel

MA Economics


Thair Ahmed.png

Thair Ahmad

Teaching Fellow,

Krea University

Additional Support

Alan Seemon.png

Alan Seemon

MA Financial Economics,

Madras School of Economics


Kannan P R

Research Associate,

CPPR, Kerala

Nandu S Nair.png

Nandu S Nair

PhD. Economics,

University of Siena, Italy

Naveen Hari.png

Naveen Hari

Research Assistant, King's College London

Shobha Vasan.png

Shobha Vasan

MA Economics,

University of Hyderabad


Vinayakan Sajeev

PGD in Applied Statistics

ISI, Kolkata

Student Testimonials


Shobha Vasan

MA Economics
University of Hyderabad
(Batch 2021-23)

I am honored to be a part of the Economiga community. This community of Economics enthusiasts made me more interested in Economics and instilled the confidence to aim for prestigious institutions in the country. The Core team motivated me throughout the process by constantly engaging with me and helping me solve my doubts. Economiga was always there in my highs and lows of entrance prep, from exam registration to ensuring a seat; they always had my back. I would like to extend a big shoutout to the student-friendly portal which was a last resort during entrance prep. The ever-encouraging core and team always ensured that the portal is updated with answers. Economiga played a big role in my Entrance Prep, and I am happy to engage with this Community. 

Alan Seemon.png

Alan Seemon

MA Financial Economics
Madras School of Economics
(Batch 2020-22)

My journey with them began during my entrance exam preparation, where I was struggling to find proper sources to consult and clarify my doubts. But then, I came across economiga, the free resources provided by economiga were incredibly helpful in guiding me on how to prepare for the exam, which topics to focus on, and the areas that needed more attention. But what really stood out was the emotional support and tips that they provided. It gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going and helped me crack the entrance exam. Since then, my association with economiga has only grown stronger. They have given me several opportunities to explore my interests in writing, managing different activities, and conducting events. It has been an enriching experience that has helped me learn and grow in various ways. What truly sets economiga apart is their unwavering commitment to making things easier for economics students who aren't privileged enough. Their vision of creating a level playing field for all students is what binds me to them.


Anu Maria Anil

MA Economics
(Batch 2020-22)

I joined economiga for my PG entrance preparations. The guidance, resources and tests provided to me by the economiga team was one of the most instrumental factors during my preparation. I have to specifically appreciate the way in which tests were organised on a frequent basis and the timely upload of answers as well as the detailed steps in solving them. They also provided us with an open platform to raise our doubts and provided answers with clarity. Economiga also provided access to entrance question papers of various prestigious institutions in the country along with their answer keys. Overall, I got a good learning experience and thanks to Economiga team for all the support which helped me secure a seat in JNU. Thank you and All the best for all your future endeavours which I know will benefit a multitude of economic students and aspirants.


Sanjana S

MA Economics
University of Hyderabad
(Batch 2020-22)

Economiga stood as a pillar throughout my entrance preparation journey. Be it their question bank portal, where I could access all major central university's previous year question papers, or their Q and A portal, where I can clear all my doubts from time to time. During my preparation, there was no way I could know how much competitiveness I should face for the entrance exam. The econ quiz immensely helped me know actual competitiveness and rectified my mistakes. Above all Economiga student community guided me and encouraged me throughout the journey. CUET portal is an excellent initiative from Economiga, hoping it will bridge the information asymmetry among students.


Irfana T C

MA Economics
Central University of Haryana
(Batch 2021-23)

I am thrilled to have been a part of Economiga since my entrance preparation days. This remarkable initiative constantly inspires and supports aspiring economics students like myself. Economiga's comprehensive collection of solved question papers from reputable institutions has been an invaluable resource throughout my journey. I must acknowledge the exceptional guidance of the personal mentor from the Economiga team, who was always available to answer our queries, no matter how basic or complex. Thanks to Economiga, I am confident that anyone can easily crack the CUET exam. This outstanding platform has been instrumental in guiding me towards a promising career in economics.

How to Join the Course?

  • How can I clear my doubts during my preparation? Do you provide extra doubt-clearing sessions?
    We believe that doubt-clearing is an essential part of the learning journey, and we are committed to helping you clear all your doubts. We have an online discussion portal where you can post your queries, and our enthusiastic economiga community, tutors, co-learners, and supporting team will be there to help you. Additionally, we offer extra doubt-clearing sessions if needed.
  • What are the other topics you will cover along with the course?
    Along with live classes, we provide self-paced courses on various topics, including the Indian economy, international trade, public finance, and more. These courses are designed to allow you to study at your convenience. If you have any doubts, you can always post them on our discussion portal for clarification. In addition, we will also be providing some third-party resources to help you prepare for the general paper in the exam.
  • What if I can’t attend the live lecture due to unforeseen circumstances?
    We know life can be unpredictable, and you may need to attend events or gatherings that conflict with our live lectures. However, we've got you covered! We offer recordings of all our lectures so that you can catch up on missed classes later at your convenience.
  • I am a non-economics student. Will this course help me in securing admission to good colleges?
    This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to comprehend and master the fundamentals of economics, enabling you to successfully clear the CUET exam.
  • I am not that good at Maths. Will this course be sufficient to crack CUET?
    We understand that mathematics can be challenging for some, but we are here to help you overcome this hurdle! Our teaching approach emphasizes building both theoretical and applied knowledge for each topic, and with dedication and extra effort, you can definitely gain proficiency to crack the CUET exam.
  • Can I enroll in this course as a master's student or someone preparing for the UGC NET-JRF exam? Would this course be useful for me?
    Of course, you are welcome to join the course. Whether you are a master's student or not, if you feel the need to review undergraduate level courses, this course would be perfect for you. Although the course is designed specifically for CUET(PG) Economics entrance, it can also be beneficial for preparing for the UGC NET-JRF exam. The exam is conducted by NTA, and there are likely to be intersections in the topics and question patterns between the two exams.
  • Can I enroll in this course if I'm preparing for non-CUET(PG) entrances like ISI, Ashoka, SNU, MSE, GIPE, etc? Would this course be useful for me?
    If you are solely preparing for exams like ISI, Ashoka, SNU, this course may not be the best fit for you. However, this course can still be helpful to a certain extent in preparing for entrance exams like MSE or GIPE.
  • How can I pay and when will I get access?
    You can pay manually through UPI or bank transfer and then fill out a form with the transaction details. It takes 1-2 business days to verify the payment, and once it's verified, you'll receive access to the portal.
  • Is there any partial or full refund policy?
    Sorry, we do not offer any partial or full refund for the course fee.
  • Do you provide any scholarships?
    While we do not offer any scholarship schemes at the moment, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive and affordable course for the CUET economics entrance exam. Our course is available at just 1/4th of the price compared to other courses in the market, making it accessible to a wider range of students who are aspiring to crack the exam.
  • What’s the "alumni connect" feature mentioned in the brochure?
    We understand that choosing an institution for higher education can be confusing, and you may have doubts about the course structure, difficulty level, placements, course fees, etc. To help you make an informed decision about your career, we offer an exclusive network that connects you with students and alumni from various institutions. This network includes representatives from all the major centers of economics, not just central universities.
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